Ski for seniors

Skiing for all ages in a friendly environment with the advice of a qualified instructor (from 55 years old)


  • A ski instructor certified in both Switzerland and France
  • On a one-to-one basis or in small groups
  • Programme adapted specifically for seniors
  • Ski at your own pace
  • Schedule at your convenience
  • Choose your week day and relax
  • No traffic or crowded slopes
  • No waiting time at the ski lifts
  • Stay healthy and in good shape and ski safely
  • Enjoy the pleasure of the mountains in the largest skiing area of Europe : Les Portes du Soleil


Who are these courses for?
For all seniors, aged 55 years and older, who wish to put their skis back on after many years. As they may lack the time or a partner to ski with, this opportunity is ideal for them.

Seniors who want to keep learning or wish to sharpen their techniques, alone or with a small group of people of similar age and needs.

People who want to be guided safely by an instructor certified in both Switerland and France, who will listen, advise and adapt to their rhythm in a friendly environment.


Why a programme specifically designed for seniors?

It is well known that good health and actively participating in sports are linked. Why not skiing ? Why not take advantage of the proximity and beauty of the worlds’ most attractive skiing region ? Why should age be an issue to enjoy this so appreciated sport?

The Swiss Ski School of Geneva offers a la carte courses taking all factors into consideration. Physical capacity is not the same at 60 as at 40. This may lead to accidents that could have been avoided if they had been better guided.

  • Courses start at ca. 10 am to allow participants to ease into a day of activity
  • Back as of 4 pm
  • Unlike weekends, there is little traffic on the roads, so these courses are held on week days (although weekend courses are also possible)
  • For the same reason, there is no waiting at ski lifts, and the slopes are all yours
  • Adapted warm-up exercises
  • Certified instructor both in Switzerland and in France, just for you or in a small group
  • Instruction is modified to suit your physical condition and your age
  • Skiing is an excellent way to stay active ; this sport gently works all muscles and joints of the body, provided it is practiced responsibly with the guidance of a trained professional
  • Go as fast or slow as you wish and make as many or as few runs as you wish. The goal is not performance but safety, pleasure and learning.
  • Skiing with somebody or in a small group is more fun than skiing alone


Some useful advice
Ensure your equipment has been professionally tuned/repaired and is in good condition (bindings, sharp edges).
Helmet is not mandatory but still highly recommended.
While skiing can be learned at any age, basic skills (e.g. parallel turns) are important, and it is helpful if you have already learned them before.


Little extras
Senior rate from 65 years old onwards at ski lifts and free from 75 years old.
A welcome drink is also offered!


It sounds great, but how can I sign up?
Sign up on line by following this link or call the office of the Swiss Ski School of Geneva (+41 (0)79 137 25 60)
Should you have questions about ski for seniors, do not hesitate to contact Pierre at phone no. +41 (0)79 200 39 68.


How much does it cost?

For one “senior” ski-day (transportation* and ski-pass not included)

  • 1 person: CHF 939.00
  • 2-4 persons: CHF 449.00

*Meeting point is directly in the ski resort. (On request and depending on availability, it is also possible to travel with the bus of our collective classes.)